At Athletic Gaines, Prep Performance athletes benefit from the same comprehensive programs, methodology, instruction and intensity as the world’s top professional athletes. All of our programming is written by world-renowned performance coach, Travelle Gaines. Try our Prep Performance Program and discover first-hand why superstars like Antonio Brown, LeSean McCoy, Jimmy Butler, Paul Millsap and so many others have turned to Athletic Gaines to achieve top athletic performance.


  • Movement Training

  • Foot Speed & Agility

  • Explosive Power Development

  • Linear & Lateral Speed Development

  • Strength Training

  • Emphasis on Injury Reduction

  • Nutritional and Supplement Guidance

  • Mental Preparedness

  • Conditioning


Our Speed Training Program is designed to help youth athletes improve the way that they move from a linear, lateral, multi-directional and sports-specific movement standpoint. Our Speed Training Program has led athletes to some of the fastest times ever at the NFL and NBA Combines and has helped athletes such as Antonio Brown, LeSean McCoy, Kenny Stills, and Bradley Roby improve their speed.


We have designed a performance training program which consists of strength, movement, and corrective exercises geared toward improving younger athletes’ athletic ability and greatly reducing their chance of injuries. We take pride in being known for training the healthiest, least injured athletes in professional sports.


We cater to every athlete in every sport at Athletic Gaines. Athletic Gaines has designed sports-specific programs to enable your team to perform at an elite level. Our team programs have been used by teams from high school to college and into the MLS, NBA, MLB, and NFL. Your team can train together at an Athletic Gaines location or we can send staff directly to your facility!