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Athletic Gaines, with its flagship location in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the industry leader in athletic performance training for athletes of all ages and abilities. Everything offered by Athletic Gaines is state-of-the-art and designed with one purpose, optimizing peak athletic performance.

Athletic Gaines, founded by Travelle Gaines, one of the most recognized trainers in professional sports, whose credentials include training top athletes in all major professional sports, offers proven performance training for maximum results for all athletes seeking to increase ability, speed, agility, performance and strength. Our programs also emphasize conditioning and training designed to reduce injury in competition and we offer on-site physical therapy and stretching programs implemented by highly skilled professionals.

"I have trained with Travelle since I entered the NFL draft in 2009, he has always been in my corner and he has pushed me to become the player I am today."

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At Athletic Gaines, we offer every athlete, from the youth soccer participant to the professional athlete, the absolute best in performance and fitness training. While Athletic Gaines is known for its success in training professional athletes, our goal is to improve the competitive abilities of all athletes though our scientifically based, cutting edge performance techniques and competitive training atmosphere. Our focus is on the whole athlete so we utilize strength and explosion training and couple it with performance-enhancing strength and stretching techniques. We combine our training with tested nutritional supplementation and provide on-site physical therapy to maximize results.

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"The environment created at Athletic Gaines is second to none, there are no days off at this gym. Working out with elite athletes keeps you on your toes daily and forces you to push your limits every rep."

Meet Travelle Gaines

Travelle Gaines is one of the most recognized trainers in professional sports. His credentials include training top athletes in all major professional sports! Travelle prides himself on proven performance training methods to maximize results for all athletes seeking to increase ability, speed, agility, performance and strength. His training programs ensure athletes are conditioned and trained in a way they to improve performance and reduce injury.

"I decided to change my body and my conditioning this off season, so I spent this summer working out at Athletic Gaines were I was able to drop my body fat in half and I feel the most explosive, leanest and conditioned I have ever been in my life."



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Dion Jordan

"Going into the combine I was both nervous and excited, I dealt with a lot of adversity and criticism. Athletic Gaines put together a plan for me to gain 25lbs of lean muscle while running the fastest time I have ever run at the combine. If it was not for Athletic Gaines, I would have not been a top 3 selection in the draft."


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